Why Rugby Wills - what do we offer


Free Home and Office visits

We come to you day or night at a time to suit you, wherever convenient. There is no limit to our visits as we want to get it right and ensure you're 110% happy with your choices. We also offer a free online "FactFind" to save time and get a report based on this. The choice is yours, although we will need to meet to continue.

Protect and Preserve your Assets - That's what we do!

The key part of Estate Planning is to pinpoint any areas of concern and protect them wherever possible. All advice is best practice to ensure your assets are for no-one other than your chosen beneficiaries.

Prevent misuse of your Assets

Rugby Wills aims to protect and preserve your assets by Care Homes, Council, Bankruptcy and other attacks on the Estate. It is worth noting that some have a "shadow" so they need to be in place for at least seven years to succeed. So time is of the essence. Start with a free "Fact-Find"

Prompt and Efficient Service

We work with and around you to find the level of protection you require. We present options and give the best advice. Once you've decided what you're happy with we endeavour to put that cover in place in the shortest time allowed. We are always here for questions and queries, just ask. You need to be able to relax afterwards and feel comfortable you are suitably covered.

Protect your final wishes

Your final wishes are not just contained in your Will. Various other documents which we provide for free support the Will and enhance it. We endeavour to make the Executors job as easy as possible by providing these supporting documents, but we need your input to create them as they are personal to you.

Free advice and support for life

Once you're on board with Rugby Wills, you have access to free advice and support for life. Any changes just let us know and we'll ensure any changes you need are made. We charge by the hour for changes to the Will, but can also do small changes for free. We are here to look after you so you can relax!