Links to other sites of interest.

Looking up Weblinks from Rugby Wills

Countrywide Tax and Trust Corporation Ltd.

A wide range of information regarding Wills, Trusts, Probate, Estate planning, and more. Rugby Wills work in association with Countrywide under the STEP Will Writing Code.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Good amount of information on a wide range of  Family/Death/Will related subjects

Money Saving Expert

Interesting information as you would expect from Martin Lewis (Money Saving Expert)

Warwickshire Council - Care Homes

Rugby's care home policy with information of costs, and taking your home to pay and more.

HMRC. (HM Revenue and Customs)

This is where your loved ones will end up going looking for help. See what you think. Could you handle your responsibilities when you're at your worst following a death?

Rugby Care Homes Information

Information from the CQC. The independant reviewer of health and social care.  Care Homes are big business judging by the number in Rugby alone.