Corona Virus and Rugby Wills Services

With Corona Virus in the UK, understandably some clients are concerned about having home visits. We all need to be sensibly careful for the time being.  

Rugby Wills can offer clients free remote services through the use of easy online Fact-Find forms and Video conferencing, not to mention the "telephone"

So if you're looking at setting up a Will, have an existing plan checked, or just have a chat, we have the solution.

COVID-19Given the unknown nature of the current situation, whereas I would not "push" clients to move forward and let them progress at their own speed, I have been advised to expedite the processes to ensure paperwork is in place and working as soon as possible to protect clients welfare. 
All paperwork is now being processed in a queue, and any paperwork to be sent off for processing by Countrywide Tax and Trust Corporation is being managed the same way. They are all working remotely and are fully capable to do all works asked of them. If Rugby Wills cannot process your instructions, then these will be passed automatically to Countrywide who will.
I am therefore asking all clients to promptly reply to emails, check Order Summaries, sign disclaimers as soon as you can. As a Company, we don't chase people, but at the moment we are putting in place a policy where we will ask 3 times for some action on your part if necessary. Simply we want to ensure you're covered ASAP rather than thinking "Well I've started it so that's OK".
As you all know, we cannot start the final phase of an order until disclaimers (if any) have been signed and payment has been agreed and made. Once we've issued you with a quote that you've agreed to, we will now issue an invoice automatically. This needs to be paid before we can progress (apart from corrections). Even though there is a 14day "cooling off period, we can produce your documents earlier at your request. You do not lose the right to cancel (within the 14 days), and if you do all monies will be refunded apart from the costs of the works done without question. 

Looking to the future When we come to witness the process of signing the Will and associated paperwork, we need to work ingeniously to get the job done and comply with the Law.

  •  Supervision. If you would like me to supervise the paperwork being signed properly (which is part of the service) I have to physically observe signatures. This obviously causes problems, however, I have already supervised a witnessing etc through a patio door keeping everyone safe. I would prefer to do this when it's dry. The main problem is getting witnesses as family members or people benefitting from cannot sign/witness the Will. You need two witnesses. I can provide that service for no charge (my wife and I), just let me know if you'd like us to do that. 
  • Our Website. has a specific page regarding the Corona Virus here  COVID-19 Updates and our current status which will be updated daily as required.
  • Document storage. In the past, we've always kept documents safe and when everything is completed (Lasting Powers can take 12 weeks) we sent everything off to our Secure Storage facility in one go. We will now send documents immediately and add to the storage as documents are received. If you are keeping your documents, this doesn't apply.
  • Video meetings. We have always offered Video meetings/conferencing as an addition to the face to face traditional meetings. For the time being, these will be the preferred method of contact when taking instructions as talking over the phone is not deemed sufficient by the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioner who govern us as Estate Planners. If you don't consider yourself a "techie" we can help you. We cannot, however, use remote video to witness signatures, it has to be done in person.
  • Deathbed Wills. We will still provide this service, but will keep meetings to a minimum. By using our "Fact-Find" online sheet, relatives can fill in all the basic details before we see the client so they just need to state what their final wishes are. As these are generally an expedited order, we expect to complete these within 72hrs or less if required (there is a charge to expedite orders) but can only do this with the help of all concerned. 
  • Changes to Will Act 1837. Changes are being discussed regarding instruction taking, processing and signing of Wills, but it's unlikely we will see any changes within the next few years considering how little the Act has been changed since 1837. It would make everything so much easier if we could electronically sign all documents. 

As the situation changes, so will this this notice. We shall, however, keep you all informed of any developments. We always strive to exceed your expectations, and if we ever fall short, please do tell us.
Keep Safe!
Kind regards,


Corona Virus and Rugby Wills Services