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Why us?


We are a small independent provider of Will writing and surrounding services, like Lasting Powers of Attorney, Trusts, Will checking, Will storage and much more. We do work in association with Countrywide Tax and Trusts to ensure total compliance with the Society of Tax and Estate Planners Code. This is the same that most solicitors use. We offer a home or office based service at a flexible time to suit you. Short notice and urgent visits are no problem.

Rugby Wills was started from the passion relating to the payment inheritance tax and the cost of care homes for my wife and myself's parents. At that time (many years ago) the heartache, pain and hassle involved in trying to sort these issues out, together with unfortunate overpayments by  Works and Pensions caused extreme stress and anxiety for my wife. At that point it almost became a mission to stop this happening for other people - it certainly is one now. My background is in Engineering, Information Technology and latterly Psychotherapy. I have an eye for detail and a very good listener, plus the fact I sincerely enjoy helping people. My joy, is seeing someone having a problem removed, allowing to concentrate on what they want to do. 

In business (since 1992 in Rugby) I treat people the way I like to be treated. Honesty, Reliability, Professionalism and good value for money. I believe in transparency in business, so information and pricing are clear - no hidden costs. All will be discussed fully and openly. I'm not ashamed to say, good old fashioned service, if I say I'll do it, consider it done. However I appreciate in the modern world we want everything now, so all visits, drafting, emails, letters, referrals will be done in a timely manner. You will not need to chase, unless you wish to of course.

From my experience education is the key in making sound decisions. Most have an understanding about Wills but usually don't know the whole picture as It's not a subject that generally gets talked about, more usually avoided. However, funnily enough, those with large estates fully understand the rules and regulations and make sure they're covered to the hilt so the beneficiaries will enjoy the maximum, without the Taxman taking a big chunk. So why not you?

If you at least understand what the problems of not having a Will, then you can make an informed decision - Do I? or Don't I? If you understand how easy it is for the Council to take your home to pay for care bills, possibly leaving nothing - you have a choice, plan for it, or let it happen. I'm certainly not suggesting anything wrong, but there are standard practises easily available to prevent this loss and when/if the time comes for a means test, the value of your house is taken at £NIL. If done properly even your money can be protected so there can be a Care Bill of £Zero.

Like everything in life, it's a choice, but hopefully you will at least find out the facts rather than dismiss it. If nothing else, the pain involved following a death of a loved one, is bad enough without having to sort their mess out. 

If you think you can leave it until you're on your deathbed, yes you can, but be aware many of the trusts, deeds, and plans designed to help you, MUST be in-place way before this. Unfortunately we can never know whats around the corner, so whether you're young or old, now is the time to make the call, find out the facts, and make your decision. It doesn't have to be expensive, but whatever the cost, it will be protecting you're hard earned cash, property or belongings and will be a drop in the ocean compared to Inheritance Tax, Care Home Bills or Capital Gains Tax.

I'm not here to sell, just to present the facts and let you make your mind up. Make an appointment and join the Rugby Wills family

We're here to take the worry away, simply tell us what you want, we'll prepare the paperwork - then relax.

In the meantime, take care.  Christian.